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I Love Donna

Even time lords need a slap

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Your one stop shop for all things Donna Noble!
Welome to I love Donna a place were we can adore that lovely Donna Noble. First seen in 'Doomsday' as the surprise cliffhanger and then in 'The Runaway Bride' the 2006 christmas special Donna Noble is a companion to the Doctor. On 4th July 2007 it was announced she would be the full time companion for series 4 and would join the tenth doctor in his adventures across time and space.

As of right now "04nbod" is your friendly moderator and when membership and posting increases I will probably appoint deputies. If you have any questions or problems contact me at my posts.

This place can be used for anything donna related. Fanfic ,icons, graphics or picspams. We are fans of Donna. If you are not a fan please don't lower the tone of the community, your posts or comments will be deleted.

no character bashing of any character, negative comparisons to other characters will be dealt with using common sense and mod word is final.

No actor bashing based on anything other than their acting. Critisicms on skin colour,hair colour, religion or personal life will not be tolerated and you will be publically shamed and banned.

large Graphics go behind a cut and icons should have at most 3 samples outside the cut

All are welcome but i ask for fanvids and download links to be friend locked.

so again welcome to i love donna. i hope you enjoy your stay.

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